At Sound Word & Light we help Pastors improve there sound and lighting, so the Word of God can be heard with Clarity, Consistency, and Creativity.  

The Three C's


The first step to achieving good sound in your church is getting a clear and clean sound.  Do you have buzzes, feedback or cracking sounds? Is your equipment maintained and free from problems? We solve sound system problems to give you a distraction-free service.


We teach your volunteers how to use the equipment you have so that the sound of your worship service is not only clear, but consistent. Through lessons, we teach your team how to produce a consistent sound from Sunday to Sunday. We figure out what you want your Church service to sound like and teach your volunteers to produce that CONSISTENTLY every Sunday. 


As we sharpen your team's technical skills and your worship service sounds, we will continue cultivating and teaching your teams how to respond to your vision with CREATIVITY.